A History of Superior Water Quality Management

Keeton Industries is known around the world as a high-quality manufacturer of beneficial bacteria, solar aeration, and electric aeration for managed aquatic environments. What began in the family garage over 30 years ago has since grown into a globally recognized leader in water quality management products. Though we serve customers around the world, we aren’t some corporate dinosaur that sacrifices customer service or lacks innovation.

Personal Service From Experienced Professionals

When you call us you will always speak to a person. Not just any person either. You'll speak with someone who knows exactly how to assist you with even the most complex water quality issues. If your company deals in aquaculture, lake management, stormwater, or if you are an individual pond or lake owner, give us a call!

Improving waterways is what we do best... we'd be happy to help you out!

Leading The Water Treatment Industry

We aren't just a re-packager like many of the industry's beneficial bacteria manufacturers. At Keeton Industries, we are continuously innovating and developing new, specialized strains of beneficial bacteria to work faster and longer than what is currently commercially available.

Our lab is managed by Senior Research Scientist, Susan Knudson, MPH, PH.D.. Susan has decades of bacteria and enzyme research—as well as development experience—and is charged with bringing innovative products to market.

Cutting-Edge Microbial Strains

Through years of field research, Keeton Industries has identified several special microbial strains uniquely capable of remediating specific, detrimental water conditions. All beneficial bacteria are blended using single-species cultures to ensure optimum growth and to avoid contaminants prior to blending the final commercial product.

After culturing, drying and preservation, the super-concentrates are blended for final processing. The microbes are then blended with trace elements and a nutrient base, finished as a bulk product, and packaged into 8 oz. water-soluble packets—either bulk dry or slow release tablets.

Samples are retained from every batch for quality control testing to ensure the product is safe and effective.

Trusted Laboratory Processes

All Keeton Industries bacteria products are cultured under EPA-approved laboratory conditions and each step of the process is documented for quality control purposes.

Keeton Industries maintains complete control of our microbial products—from fermentation to final packaging—via a certified Good Manufacturing Process program validated by a third party. Having the ability to control and document production processes in-house allows us to produce the highest quality products on the market today.

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