AerFlow™ Air Filter Element

AerFlow™ Air Filter Element


Features & Benefits:

  • Insures Longevity of Compressor
  • Easy Installation
  • Replace Every 2 Years


Clean air-flow through the compressor helps safeguard your system and greatly extend its life-span.

The AerFlow™ Air Filter Element should be replaced on all ProLake™ systems every 2 years or as needed to ensure a longer life for your aeration system. Installation is extremely easy and takes a maximum of 5 minutes to mount.

Included in Kit

  • 1 Replacement Filter Element
  • 1 Gasket

Item Number(s)

40.1305: Air Filter Element, Fits All ProLake™ 115V & 230V Systems (Sold After 1/2019) – BLACK

40.1302: Air Filter Element, Fits All KR, DR, TR & QR 115V & 230V Systems (Sold Before 1/2019) – BROWN

Product Videos & Data Sheets

AerFlow Air Filter Element Data Sheet

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