ProLake™ Remote Manifolds

ProLake™ Remote Manifolds

Features & Benefits:

  • Consolidates Multiple Airlines In One Box
  • Makes Air Control Adjustments More Convenient
  • Allows For Clean & Easy Winter-Time Storage


No power at the shore? No Problem. Now you can take advantage of your existing electric outlets, even far distances from the water, by using our ProLake™ Remote Manifold. ProLake™ Remote Manifolds work up to 4000 feet away from the aeration unit, allowing you to place your aeration system close to your house, in a storage shed or tucked away from view away from the pond.

It’s simple, just run a single 3/4 inch airline (PVC or Flex) from the aeration cabinet down to the pond or lake’s edge then tie in all the airlines to either our four port manifold or our eight port manifold.

Included in Kit

  • A Junction Valve Box
  • Remote Manifold & Fittings
  • Fits All ProLake™ & Solaer® Aeration Systems

Item Numbers

  • 40.1052: 4 Valve Remote Manifold
  • 40.1053: 8 Valve Remote Manifold

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