For Ponds & Lakes Up To 10 Acres

ProLake³ 3.10


Aerates Ponds/Lakes Up To 10 Acres

  • Improves Water Clarity & Quality
  • Oxygenates Entire Water Column
  • Programmable Timer
  • Designed For 24/7 Operation
  • Available In 115V or 230V
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Comes With A FREE 24 lb. Bucket of ClearLake Pond & Lake Clarifier
  • Alpine™ Self-Weighted Airline – Alpine™ Self-Weighted Tubing 1/2″ ID 100′ Boxed Roll: Fits Any Aeration System $165.00
    Alpine™ Self-Weighted Airline – Alpine™ Self-Weighted Tubing 1/2″ ID 500′ Continuous Reel: Fits Any Aeration System $825.00
  • ProLake™ Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad – Large Pad, 30″ X 42″ X 3″: Fits PL.4, TR, QR, SB3-4 Aeration Systems $138.00

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Product Data

ProLake3 Aeration Systems are designed to clean and clear smaller ponds and lakes measuring up to 25 surface acres. ProLake3 systems offer three powerful ½ horsepower compressors capable of delivering 15.9 cubic feet of air per minute to our non-clogging, self-cleaning Duraplate™ diffusers. We top it all off with high volume cooling blowers, and fully adjustable, brushed aluminum manifolds. All housed in a durable, sound-deadening cabinet. The result is a high-end, energy efficient aeration system that will keep your pond clean and problem free for many years to come.

ProLake3 3.10

  • 3 = Number of Compressors Included In The System
  • 10 = Number of Diffusers Included In The System

PROLAKE AERATION                                                                               COMPETITION AERATION
3/4 Inch Think Cabinet                                                               Thin Plastic or Thin Metal Cabinet
4 Port Manifold For Easy Expansion                                          No Extra Ports For Expansion
Custom Built Compressors                                                         Mass Produced Compressors
Rugged Diffusers Capable of Withstanding 500+ Lbs.            Cheap Plastic or Thin Metal
Shrouded/Protected Diffuser Parts                                           Open To Debris & Predators
Durable ½ Inch Airline With Lifetime Warranty                         5/8 Inch Airline (Mostly), No Lifetime Warranty
Only Aeration System On Market With A Timer                        No Timer

Product Specifications

Aeration System

ProLake³ 3.10

Item Number


Maximum Pond Size

Up To 10 Acres

115V or 230V Compressor


Duraplate™ Diffusers


Maximum Diffuser Depth

50 Feet


Up To 15.9


12.9/3 ½ HP 115V Compressors



Alpine™ 1/2" Weighted Airline

Not Included

Programmable Timer

Not Included


3-4 Port 

Pressure Gauge


Cooling Fan


Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad (Suggested)

Not Included

Decibels/Operational Sound

50/60 DB

1” ASTM Cert. Acoustical Sound-Deadening Foam



Complete Product Warranty

2 Years

115V or 230V Compressor

2 Years

Alpine™ ½" Weighted Airline Warranty


Cabinet Warranty

2 Years

Duraplate™ Diffuser


Product Dimensions / Measurement


40"W x 24"L x 24"T

Alpine™ ½" Weighted Airline

1/2" ID x 1" OD

Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad

30" x 30" x 3"


  • HOA’s
  • Golf Courses
  • Recreational Ponds & Lakes
  • Retention Ponds
  • Industrial Retention Ponds
  • Farm Ponds
  • Ski Parks
  • Aquaculture Ponds
  • Zoological Displays

Product Videos & Data Sheets

ProLake3 3.10 Data Sheet

Electric Aeration Install Guide – 2021

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